The establishment of Shanghai Industrial Technology Institute (SITI) is an important decision and deployment of Shanghai municipal government to implement the spirit of National Science and Technology Innovation Conference, to further tighten a close connection between technology and economy, to enhance the efficiency of technology innovation, and to accelerate value realization process. It aims to provide a coordinating, supporting and service platform for generic industrial technology R&D, achievement transfer and leading industry development, matching the needs of generic technology and industry chain development.

SITI’s fundamental task is to promote industrial development, in accordance with the national strategies and strategic start-up industry development in Shanghai, focusing on the areas of digital services, smart manufacturing, biomedical, and green energy. It plays the role of “a third relay of race” in the innovation relay of applied technology innovation system, making its generic industrial technology R&D and service platform as an intermediate to organize enterprises, universities, research institutes, capital investment as well as the other technology innovation platforms, to optimize resource deployment, to integrate innovation, to realize efficient linkage and synergistic development of the up and down stream of industrial chains, and to promote industrial technology innovation and industrialization.

SITI takes system innovation as its driving force and adheres to the operation mode —— "government guidance, top-down design, contract management, flexible participation, joint resource investment, benefit-sharing", focusing on strengthening the construction of technology selection, open collaboration, expanded sharing and management evaluation system to serve as think-tank for the government as well as enterprises, to build “bridges” between technology suppliers and industrial needs, to establish “platform” for industrial generic technology R&D, and to create a “hub” for knowledge flow and technology transfer process.

SITI’s vision is “to innovate together with our clients” through a more flexible and open way. It targets needs and collaborates widely with “innovative partners” to jointly implement technology innovation activities. SITI is a borderless innovation institution for everyone. I sincerely wish that we could construct together with universities, research institutes, enterprises, agencies and industrial investment institutions and financial institutions “a very creative joint R&D platform” and “an innovative think-tank with great impact”. At the same time, we warmly welcome all talents with the same idea to join us and realize more innovation values together!


Xiaoming Niu
President, Shanghai Industrial Technology Institute