Scientific Achievement Transfer

SITI explores effective business models for promoting R&D achievement transfer, and integrates all innovative resources from industries, universities, research institutions, clients and capital & financial organization to form incubating, supporting, service market environment. For example, SITI collaborates with the Shanghai University Students Technology Entrepreneurship Foundation to be “Innovation Partners”. From the teams and projects recommend by the Foundation, SITI selected some to be “further processed” on the platforms of SITI or invests funds to help them to be transferred, jointly excavating and incubating innovation talent teams and projects. SITI also collaborates with various financial institutions and funding companies to jointly set up industrial technology funds. The early-stage involvement of financial institutions strengthens project reviewing studies and tracking. Also with help of their mature post-investment management processes and systems, the projects could construct more reasonable governance structure and standardized internal control system with professional advices on strategic planning and capital operation.