On April 26th, SAST and SITI held “Power Gathering” High-end Expert Appointment Ceremony, with attendance of Mr. Xiaoming Niu, president, and Mr. Qian Shi, vice president, Prof. Juergen Rohwedel, University of Luebeck, and relevant division chiefs of SAST and SITI.

In his speech, Mr. Qian Shi expressed his hope that the collaboration with Prof. Juergen Rohwedel on human pluripotent stem cell differentiation and organ formation could propel the development of stem cell applications in personalized medical treatment.

On the meeting, Mr. Xiaoming Niu awarded Prof. Juergen Rohwedel the letter of appointment as Chief Scientist for bio medicine at Shanghai Industrial Technology Institute, and expressed his hope that through the collaboration on key and important scientific projects, talent exchange and communication and team building could be strengthened, and that the carry-out of talent attract scheme could make best use of the role of experts and their teams and gather relevant resources to further enhance scientific innovation capacity of SITI and accelerate scientific achievement transfer.