Shanghai Industrial Technology Institute (SITI) was established on August 22nd, 2012. On the opening ceremony, Mr. Gang WAN, Minister of Science and Technology, and Vice Chairman of 12th CPPCC sent his letter of congratulations, and Ms. Yicui YIN, at that time Deputy Party Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Committee attended the ceremony and unveiled the opening board. Mr. Xiaoming SHEN, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal Government attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

The establishment of SITI is a very important measure to carry out the spirit of the National and Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Innovation conferences, and it is an important deployment of Shanghai Municipal Committee of CPC and Shanghai Municipal Government to strengthen generic technology R&D and services and to construct the applied technology innovation system, catering for the urgent need of leading the enhancement of self-innovation capacity, realizing innovative transformation and industrial upgrading, as well as further deepening science and technology system and mechanism reform. SITI would make solid steps towards constructing science and technology collaboration platforms, accelerating achievement application and transferring, and realizing science and technology system and mechanism innovations.

The mission of SITI is to provide coordination, supporting, and service platform for generic technology R&D, achievement transfer and industrial guidance. If science and technology innovation could be described as a 4*100 meter relay race, then scientific discovery and mechanism verification is the first baton, technology formation and prototype experiments is the second, application and transfer to production is the third, and industrialization and commercialization is the fourth. SITI aims to be the third baton, namely to be both organizer and action carrier to propel generic technology R&D, achievement transfer and commercial mode innovation.

SITI Ideology is “Open Innovation and Serving Industries”.
Open Innovation: SITI is a non-profit science and technology R&D and service institution. It is open to the public with its innovation resources, attracting innovation talents, thoughts, capitals from various circles of the society to participation innovation together and share wisdom as well as benefits of achievements.

Serving Industries: SITI sets its value in providing technology guidance of industrial development and supporting services. Through generic technology R&D, it solves the problems of the missing parts in the industrial chains and helps to upgrade the traditional industries; and through novel industrial technology R&D and services, it also develops strategic new industries.

Strategic Consulting: SITI studies the domestic and international industrial technology development trends, makes industrial technology development strategies, planning and roadmaps, and provides consulting services for government departments. It also carries out industrial technology information and market analysis, and provides industrial consulting services towards enterprises, research institutions, and investors.

Joint R&D: SITI organizes resources from industries, research institutions, universities, application fields, capitals, to carry out join platform construction and project development. Organization models include 1) projects trusted with professional R&D entities in SITI; 2) new innovation team gathered at SITI as project team for certain problem-shooting projects and after accomplishment of the project, the innovation team could choose to leave or stay, realizing flexible mobility of talents; 3) selection of institutions outside SITI by bidding for contracts with SITI.

Achievement Transfer: Through “innovation together with clients” by methods of innovation including commercialization mode innovation, SITI aims to strengthen the collaborations between technology and finance, and to propel generic technology transfer and expansion by either establishing startups or operating technology transfer.