SITI implements “innovation-partners” plan, strengthens the idea of “innovation with our consumers”, focuses on the construction of generic industrial technology R&D and service platforms as well as the transfer of scientific achievements. It aims to enhance collaboration, propel synergistic innovation and trigger the actions in related innovation areas. At present, focusing on 4 R&D fields of digital service, intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine and green energy, SITI has initiated the construction of 12 R&D and service platforms including mega-data application and service platform, smart product innovation center, intelligent traffic system R&D and service platform, IC design and service platform, 3D-printing technology R&D and service platform, novel semi conduct lighting application and testing platform, lithium battery pilot and product testing platform, industrialization base of national key project supporting products, clinical medicine translational research center, high-throughput gene sequencing service platform, intelligent building and energy efficiency research center, engineering research center for ecological comprehensive treatment.

Digital Service

Mega-data Application and Service Platform

For data analysis and decision-making needs of scientific research, engineering technology application, S&T services, SITI would build up a sharing mega-data service center, an open mega-data platform to facilitate data gathering & analysis, technology R&D and application services. And through market-oriented and sustainable operation, the platform becomes a digital service provider like "Taobao", thereby supports SITI to become "bridge and hub" for industrial technology R&D as well as enterprise services. It also provides "data analysis services" targeting for government decision-making, industry development as well as the innovation and entrepreneurship.

Smart Product Innovation Center

Through organizing and conducting key technology R&D of smart system generic technology with embedded systems, smart sensor and controlling technology, and digital product design, SITI aims to solve the application oriented problems in food safety traceability, automated production process engineer control, electrical and mechanical product design & simulation, biomedical imaging & processing and the other related applications, and this provides coordination, supports and services for generic industrial technology R&D, transfer of research
achievements and leading the smart product industry.

Intelligent Traffic System R&D and Service Platform

SITI promotes large-scale practical application of the energy-saving electronic bus-stop sign systems, launches the project of “Beidou-compass” intelligent transportation model system, promotes R&D of the intelligent transportation and its industrial applications in logistics, shipping and so forth, incubates R & D abilities of intelligent transportation information services, and establishes new accumulating system of the knowledge for industry service. SITI also explores business model with multiple-party participation of mobile operators, insurance companies, banks, etc. under
the government guidance so as to form win-win and sustainable operation system.

IC Design and Service Platform

On the basis of as-existed sounded chip-design service capability and good collaboration networks with a number of wafer processing plants in Shanghai, according to the international standard, SITI constructs a third-party independent platform for UHF RFID product testing service and a testing platform for NFC products, and enhances public service capabilities and build up an international standard RFID product testing center and mobile-payment product testing platform. This aims to provide necessary supports for companies to realize rapid development of RFID technologies and products.

Smart Manufacturing

3D-printing Technology R&D and Service Platform

SITI constructs new synergistic joint-innovation system for the 3D-printing technology R&D, industrial products and service, and incubates and further develops 3D-printing consumers and market. SITI cultivates 3D-printing engineering equipment manufacturing industry and its related service industry, and promotes the relevant R&D of materials, parts and machines and the achievements of core IP. From a top-down view, SITI builds up world-wide competitive 3D-printing technology and industrialization level of whole industrial product chain in Shanghai, and further generates internationally advanced and domestic leading 3D-printing service network and enterprises.

Novel Semiconductor Lighting Application and Testing Platform

On the basis of the National Engineering Research Center for Semiconductor Lighting Application Systems, the platform builds up pilot labs for new display, system integration and special lighting to implement new product development and design of new application system, and aims to develop pilot production and industry supporting capability.

Lithium Battery Pilot and Product Testing Platform

For the key generic industrial technologies in industry technology transfer of lithium battery, the platform implements problem-oriented researches or joint R&D on electrode materials, lithium battery products and the related technologies. It builds up Shanghai lithium battery pilot line and testing center to conduct R&D of materials, membrane processing and performance of whole lithium batteries as well as testing, analysis and other technical services. This aims to strengthen the connection between R&D and industry society, and thus promote new development of novel battery industry.

Industrialization Base of National Key Project Supporting Products

Aiming to be more open, larger and stronger, the industrialization base is to realize rational allocation of innovation resources and optimal combination of innovation capabilities, and accelerates the development of specialty materials and researches of key supporting technologies, and provides R&D services for the aerospace, instrumentation, green energy, and special equipments.


Clinical Medicine Translational Research Center

To match the needs of biomedical and clinical application transfer and develop advanced technologies, SITI establishes flexible frontier generic technology platform as well as the system to support this platform. It constructs R&D platform for drug targets and disease biomarker discovery and diagnostic kit, and builds up technology supporting and transfer system for the proposed future national plan of "R&D and industrialization platform for in vitro diagnostic reagents ".

High-throughput Gene Sequencing Service Platform

To match clinical needs, the new platform integrates as-existed high-throughput gene sequencing platform and data-analysis supporting system, and builds up disease-related gene testing service lines. It implements R&D of the disease-risk detection kit with next-generation sequencing technology, particularly aims to achieve new breakthrough in the R&D of risk detection kits for congenital defects such as Down syndrome and hereditary metabolic diseases.

Green Energy

Intelligent Building and Energy Efficiency Research Center

For the relevant national projects and industrial technology R&D for building energy intelligent management, SITI focuses on the key technologies of building energy management, and collaborates with related research institutions, clients, to speed up integration of whole industry chains, building intelligent management and to promote Shanghai smart grid CPE industrial development. For green building energy-saving industrial technology R&D, SITI develops digitalization and information technology for green building planning and design, physical performance as well as operational management, providing performance-oriented total solutions for the service suppliers of different industrial chains such as planning, design, engineering and management.

Engineering Research Center for Ecological Comprehensive Treatment

For the R&D and demo-application of city waste sludge treatment technology, SITI collaborates with relevant research institutes and enterprises, and organizes technology R&D to provide a sustainable route for sludge treatment in Shanghai area. For the R&D of industrial technology in comprehensive garbage treatment, SITI targets for garbage reduction and source reutilization to promote the safe operation of the city of Shanghai as well as ecological environment construction.