On Sept. 5-6 2017, the “China-Korea Academic Collaboration Workshop on Bid Data Quality Standard Study and Development” jointly organized by SITI, Shanghai Computer Software Technology Development Center and Korea Database Agency, was successfully held at SITI. Mr. Shi Qian, vice president of SITI, Lee Junghyun, Director at Dept. of Technology & Quality of Korea Database Agency, and Mr. Wang Xiaoyang, Chair of Big Data Standardization Expert Committee of SITI, attended the workshop and delivered speeches. Attendees include representatives from Korea Database Agency, WareValley, KCB, Shinsegae, as well as experts and colleagues from the bid data industry in China.

On the workshop, Mr. Cai Lizhi, vice director of Shanghai Computer Software Technology Development Center, (talk title “ISO/IEC 25024 Based Software Quality Assessment”), Mr. Kim Hung Jun, research fellow of Korea Database Agency, (talk title “Development Status of Bid Data Quality Activities in Korea”), Mr. Zhang Jingzhou, GM of GBridge Data Technology Co Ltd, (talk title “Data Quality Assessment Technology and Case Analysis”), Shin Kim, senior manager, Shinsegae, (talk title “Data Quality Management at the Internet Shopping Mall New World”), Mr. Lin Wei, CEO of Yunshi Shuyuan Information Technology Co. Ltd., (talk title “Big Data Market in China”), and Mr. Jo Iluk, Deputy GM, Product Operation Dept. of KCB, (talk title “Financial Data Quality Management in Korea”), gave talks on the workshop and joined by the other experts and colleagues in the follow-up discussion. The invited key-note speaker Mr. Lim Sungjoon, Korea Database Agency, gave his talk on “Data Quality Certification based on International Standards”, introducing the participation of Korea in ISO 8000. Experts of both sides discussed and mutually understood the requirements and application of data quality in both countries.

Data quality is the prerequisite and basic theme of big data applications and innovations and roused very high attention from the relevant industries. Standardization always goes before the development of industries. Nowadays, big data and data quality standards pop up quickly like the spring bamboo shoots after rains. At the same time, SITI always takes big data as the most important part of its work and has participated partially the writing of the national standards of big data in China. And Korea Database Agency has accumulated a lot of experience in big data quality standard writing and services. So through the workshop, the experts from both sides communicated and collided their thoughts, which served as a new starting point for the friendly collaboration between SITI and Korea Database Agency leading to the win-win collaborations in the aspects of data quality standard writing, promotion, implementation and service innovation.