On June 23rd, SAST, SITI, ZPMC and other partners jointly organized the 20th Jinqiao Industrial Technology Innovation Conference with the theme of “Industrial Internet Application – Remote Diagnosis of Large Equipment”. The conference is composed of two sessions – a theme forum and a seminar, hosted by Mr. Shi Qian, vice president of SAST and SITI. Mr. Yan Yunfu, Chief Engineer of ZPMC Group attended and delivered a speech. More than 120 participants including higher management of China Academy of Engineering, Shanghai Academy of Public Measurement, researchers and representatives of companies from industrial internet area attended the activity.

On the conference, Dr. Li Wenjun, project manager of ZPMC, Prof. Lin Jing, “Yangtze Scholar” of Ministry of Education, and professor at College of Mechanics, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Mr. Mou Quancheng, GM of Shanghai Digital Design Co. Ltd, and expert, and Mr. Chen Hao, GM of Shanghai DEMX Co. Ltd, were invited to give reports on “ZPMC Remote Diagnosis Strategy and Development”, “Opportunities and Challenges for Remote Diagnosis with Big Data Technologies”, “Simulation System Development and Application for Equipment”, and “LIMM Based Analysis System and Application in Remote Diagnosis of Cranes”, sharing their experience in strategic deployment of enterprises, opportunities and challenges, applications cases, R&D achievements, etc.

During the seminar session, Ms. Cui Yanchun, vice director of Promotion Office, SHEITC, explained the “Three Year Action Plan of Shanghai Industrial Internet - innovation development and application (2017-2019)” issued by Shanghai Municipality. Ms. Xiao Jing, vice director of High-tech Office, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission offered her advice on effective synergy innovation models, joint construction format and organization mechanism. The participating experts discussed on the solution of remote diagnosis for large equipment as well as synergy innovation among government, academy, research and application, depicting technology and collaboration roadmap for ZPMC remote diagnosis of large equipment.

The conference was held under the top-level strategy planning of “China Manufacturing 2025”, based on the judgment of industrial internet development tendency and for the needs of strategic transformation of enterprises. It aims to further propel problem-shooting and industrial application for IT and manufacturing industry fusion and collaboration among government, academy, research and application, to contribute the upgrading of manufacturing to “manufacturing + service” and stepping to higher-end value chain for Chinese enterprises.