On April 16th, the establishment ceremony for Shanghai Pudong IoT Innovation and Application Alliance and the 23rd Golden Bridge Industrial Technology Innovation Conference was held in SAST. Mr. Xiaoming Niu, President of SAST and SITI, Mr. Qian Shi, Vice President of SITI, Mr. Aiping Zhang, Vice Director of Pudong New District Science, Technology and Economy Commission, Mr. Xiaofeng Gu, Vice Director of Jinqiao Development Zone Management Commission, and Ms Wei Qiu, division chief of Shanghai Municipal Economy and Information Commission, attended the event.

Shanghai Pudong IoT Innovation and Application Alliance aims “service, collaboration, win-win, innovation and development” and is devoted to establish a innovative service platform for a new generation of IoT industries. It will focus on the generic and key technologies, and build a technology innovation application system based on the market and with combination of industry, education and research. The Alliance aims to enhance the independent innovation ability of its member units and solve the technology and management bottlenecks that hinder the development of the industry, and promote the rapid development of the new generation of Internet of things industry in Pudong as well as the innovation and development of the IoT industry.

On the event, the call for innovation projects of Pudong IoT was published. There are five categories: major special projects, technical tackling key projects, achievements transformation projects, platform construction projects and industry standard projects, with focuses on advanced sensors, NB-IoT chips/modules, software platforms for smart city public infrastructure, terminals, standards and engineering for demo projects, and third party testing platforms.