Development of Smart Robot of Service is one of the most active fields at the frontline of leading-edge technology research and development. Technologies of Smart Robot of Service integrate expertise of multiple disciplines including mechanics, information, control and sensing, materials, biomedicine, etc. and play an important role of supporting and guiding the development of relevant technologies and industries. Development of the technologies aim at high-tech of sensing, decision-making and execution so as to accomplish services beneficial to human beings and has strong radiation and driving momentum and is significant towards promoting smart manufacturing equipments and enhancing national defense capacity.

Shanghai Industrial Technology Institute integrates the research and engineering advantages in the fields of smart control, mechanic and electric combination, testing and controlling system, etc., to construct the service platform for smart robot R&D with Smart Robot of Service key technology development and industrial transferring as its core. The platform devotes to self-owned IP core technology development, comprehensive system integration and actively explores robot technology achievement transfer model. With the ideology of carrying out innovation driving and transformation development, the platform has transferred and propelled smart robot achievement towards such industries as environmental water monitoring, care of the elder and the disabled, distant medical diagnosis, and special services, so that high-end smart robot technologies could benefit the public. The platform provides basis for propelling industrialization and social services in the field of Smart Robot of Service in Shanghai and has effectively propelled the technology achievement transfer and industrialization in Shanghai even in China.

RD Center for Smart Robot of Service