On July 24th, SITI’s joint venture with WareValley, Shanghai GBridge Digital Technology Co Ltd, held the 1st meeting of 1st term of board at the Jinqiao Base of SITI. Member of GBridge Board including Mr. Huang Yi, Son Samsoo, Zhang Jingzhou, Kim Minsook, Liu Zhenyu, Chen Zhihui, Supervisors Bao Weiya and Ryu Hyunchul, and representatives from WareValley including Global R&D Team Director Park Tok Su, Senior Principal Ahn Seong Min, Management & Finance Manager Ryu Hyun Chul, from SITI including Mr. Niu Xiaoming, president of SITI, Mr. Shi Qian, vice president of SITI, Mr. Zong Yuwei, vice chief engineer, Ms. Shen Chun, director of comprehensive office, Dr. Liang Longnan, comprehensive office, attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Huang Yi, vice chief engineer of SITI.

The participants listened to the report of previous work and 2017 operation plan of the company and approved the employment of senior management of the company and confirmed such key items as the 2017 operation plan, financial manager, relevant management regulations, and supervising institution. The thorough guidance and assistance from SITI and WareValley during the preparation period of GBridge were appreciated on the meeting and in conclusion, it is required that the management of the company should actively carry out business according to the decisions of the Board and make clear the development direction and routes of its business with regulations; Board members and supervisors should carry out their duties, play an active role to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the company; the company operation team should continue to strengthen the study and exploration, be good at gathering resources, seize the opportunity, unite with synergy, and strive to achieve the annual business objectives.