On June 28th, at the bank of Xin’an River, SITI and Jiande Municipality of Zhejiang Province, formally signed an agreement and established SITI Zhejiang Institute of Innovation. Leaders from SITI, Jiande Municipality, Hangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Commission, departments of Jiande Municipal government and local technology enterprises attended the opening ceremony.

SITI Zhejiang Institute of Innovation is a platform for joint innovations co-established by SITI and Jiande Municipality, and achievement translation base for propelling scientific and technological achievements transfer and industrialization in the Yangtze River Delta, forming the innovation chains of research institutes serving local economic development. Its mission is to carry out the integrated development strategy of the Yangtze River Delta, further promote the regional science and technology innovation linkage in the Yangtze River Delta, and explore the mode of cooperation and innovation in the development of the regional economy under the new situation. The base will further integrate the innovation needs of enterprises and government in Zhejiang, focusing on intelligent manufacturing, information and communication, and biomedicine, and actively promoting the achievement transfer of high-end metal 3D printing, Beidou navigation application, accurate treatment with gene detection and other applications, as well as expand the application scale.

The co-establishment of SITI Zhejiang Institute of Innovation is not only an innovation of mechanism but also an important measure of promoting innovation achievements. In the future, it will work under the principle of “complementing advantages, propelling core projects and mutual benefiting” through generic technology platforms, innovations carriers, cooperation with industrial parks, joint projects, technology transfer and talent cultivation, etc.