On July 6th, 2017, the Incheon Delegation of Municipal New Industry Bureau and Incheon Robotland visited SITI.

Accompanied by Ms. Shen Chun, Director of General Management Department of SITI and Mr. Liang Longnan, Supervisor of Technology Exchange and Cooperation of China and South Korea, the delegation visited Platform for Flexible Display Technologies and 3D Printing Technology R&D and Service Platform. Mr. Ma, Nam-seon, Action Officer of Municipal New Industry Bureau of Incheon spoke highly of Metal 3D Printer SITI-SLM250, which was independently developed by SITI. And he hoped to learn more about performances and parameters of Metal 3D Printer SITI-SLM250 after the visit.

During the following symposium, Mr. Liu Yanbo, Director of Research Center for Intelligent Service Robots made a presentation about International Market of Telemedicine Robots, analyzed related research of various countries in the world, and demonstrated first and second generation robots developed by SITI with videos.

The Delegation of Municipal New Industry Bureau and Incheon Robotland showed great interest in the Telemedicine Robot developed by SITI and put forward a lot of questions about it. They hope to launch other cooperative projects in the future on the original base of cooperation between SITI and Incheon.